Our tours provide a learning experience of both past and present South America, while travelling through mountains, high plain, desert and highland lakes. Visiting both well-known and reconstructed sites, as well as others sites, whose remains are more obscure and rarely visited. 

We aim to demonstrate how present cultures are but the sum of their past, the present being merely part of the continuum that is human history. We are also able to provide specialist services for those interested in the flora and fauna of the entire range of eco-systems of the continent - from the desert coast to the Alpine meadows and through the Amazon jungle.


  • The spectacular landscapes of Patagonia;
  • The Colonial cities of Lima, Cusco, La Paz, Quito, Cuenca and Buenos Aires;
  • The archaeological sites of Tiwanaku, Machu Picchu, Chan Chan, Pachacamac, Caral, Kuelap and many more;
  • The wildlife of the Amazon rainforest and Andean cloudforests;
  • The colours of the Atacama Desert;
  • The amazing Galapagos Islands.