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Beyond the Great Divide: Through NSW to Central Queensland
17 days from 12 August, 2019
Led by: Dr Chris Carter & Tony Corrigan

Join us as we travel north from Canberra and Sydney, across the Great Divide, through northern NSW via the Warrumbungles and Lightning Ridge into Queensland. We will explore parts of the Carnarvon Gorge National Park before heading across to the coast to visit both Lady Elliott Island and Fraser Island. The tour will finish in Hervey Bay, allowing you to fly home from there.


The Northern Isles: the Orkneys and Shetlands A Series of Writing Workshops
16 days, from 28 August, 2019
Led by: Dr Inga Simpson

Join award winning author, Inga Simpson (Mr Wigg, Nest, Where the Trees Were and Understory), as she explores the spectacular island landscapes of the Orkneys and Shetlands. Take part in writing workshops as you explore the northern islands, seeking out places that are historically significant, spectacularly beautiful or filled with subject matter that will test your writing skills.

Comprised of some twenty inhabited islands and many more uninhabited ones, the archipelago is littered with Neolithic and Iron Age ruins along with remnants of Viking settlements. This tour will visit the well-known neolithic ruins at Skara Brae and the Ness of Brodgar on Mainland but will also venture further afield to the islands of Hoy, Rousay and Westray visiting a range of spectacular landscapes as you walk the coastal trails and explore the island villages.

The Shetlands are even further to the north but still contain a broad range of prehistoric ruins and wild landscapes.


Lost Mines of the Mithaka Archaeology Project Birdsville, Queensland
12 days, September 2019
Led by: Doug Williams

The channel country of eastern central Australia was home to an Aboriginal trading network that spanned the continent from the Spencer Gulf to the Gulf of Carpentaria. The team has recently

discovered a massive network of hundreds of sandstone quarries and associated living and ceremonial areas, some of which are the biggest quarries of any kind in Australia. The Mithaka Traditional Owners want to share the knowledge of these fascinating places.

Against the spectacular backdrop of the channel country desert landscape, this program will teach and apply archaeological skills and techniques to documenting some of these impressive sites. Participating in a real archaeological research project, through archaeological survey and excavation you will contribute data to build our understanding of these sites and how they each contributed to Aboriginal life. All levels of experience are welcome as training will be provided commensurate with the needs of the participants. The project is run in conjunction with Griffith University and the Mithaka Aboriginal Corporation.

The base for the project will be the iconic Betoota Hotel, built in the 1880’s, now renovated and reopened to form a welcome oasis. Toilets, showers and laundry are available with meals provided at the hotel.


The Art & Archaeology of Spain
21 days from 2 October, 2019
Led by: Dr Chris Carter & Oscar Del Pozo

The itinerary has been structured to take in a diverse range of Spanish environments: from the Mediterranean coast, across the Meseta, through the mountain ranges and into the Basque country. The tour will commence in Barcelona move west to Bilboa before travelling south through Madrid, Cordoba and Sevilla to finish in Granada.

The archaeological sites, cities and towns selected for this tour provide a glimpse of the past through sites including Roman cities, Visigothic towns, Muslim medinas and mosques, the castles of the Reconquista, Mudejar architecture and the Gothic and Baroque churches of the later periods.

From the Prado to the Guggenheim, we will also discuss the history of Spanish art, with a chance to view works by famous artists such as Goya, Velasquez and El Greco as well as those of more modern artists such as Picasso, Miro and Dali.

There is an option to extend the tour on to Morocco.


Into the Maghreb: Morocco
11 days from 22 October, 2019 Led by: Chris Carter

After crossing the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier from Algeciras in Spain, this tour will travel from Chefchaouen through Fez, Meknes and Rabat to Casablanca and on to finish in Marrakesh. From the northern Rif to the southern Atlas, we will see the landscapes, walk through ancient cities, shop in the busy souks and enjoy the culture and cuisine that is Morocco.

This tour follows on directly from the Spain tour and can be taken as an extension or as an individual tour .


In Search of the Maya: Guatemala, Belize and Honduras 18 days from 14 November, 2019
Led by: Dr Chris Carter

The tour will present the cultures of these Central American countries from the Prehistoric through the Colonial to the present. Highlights include Antigua, the Colonial capital of Guatemala; the Mayan cities of Tikal, Lamanai, and Caracoles; beautiful Lake Atitlan; the colourful markets of Chichicastenango; Copan in Honduras; the spectacular gorge of Rio Dulce; and the beautiful Barrier Reef of Belize.

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